Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

Traditional - Lyrics from Songs of American Sailormen, by Joanna Colcord

O fare you well, we're homeward bound;
Good-bye, fare you well, Good-bye, fare you well!
We're homeward bound for New York town,
Hurrah, my boys, we're homeward bound!

We're homeward bound, heave up and down,
Oh, heave on the capstan and make it spin round.

Our anchors we'll weigh and our sails we will set;
The friends we are leaving we leave with regret.

Oh, heave with a will and heave long and strong,
And sing a good chorus, for 'tis a good song.

We're homeward bound, you've heard them say,
Then hook on the catfall and run her away.

She's a flash clipper packet and bound for to go;
With the girls on the towrope she cannot say no.

We're homeward bound, and the winds they blow fair,
And there'll be many true friends to greet us there.