Mister Stormalong

Mister Stormalong

Traditional - As sung by Dustin Laurence

Old Stormy he is dead and gone,
To me way, you Stormalong.
Stormy he is dead and gone,
Way hay hay, mister Stormalong.

Old Stormy was a seaman bold,
A grand old man from the days of old.

For fifty years he sailed the seas,
Through winter storm and summer breeze.

Of all the old skippers he was the best,
But now he's died and gone to rest.

His ship was caught around Cape Horn,
Our mainmast gone and our sails was torn.

He slipped his cable 'round Cape Horn,
'Round Cape Stiff where he was born.

And so old Stormy's day was done,
South fifty-six, west fifty-one.

We dug his grave with a silver spade,
His shroud of the finest silk was made.

We lowered him down with a golden chain,
Our eyes was dim with more than rain.

Old Stormy loved a sailor's song,
His voice was loud and rough and strong.

And so we'll sing his funeral song,
Roll her over boys, long and strong.

I wish I were old Stormy's son,
I'd build me a ship of a thousand ton.

I'd sail this whole wide world around,
With plenty of money oh I'd be found.

I'd load her with Jamacy rum,
All my sailors would get some.

I'd feel you well and raise your pay,
And stand you drinks three times a day.

A glass of grog for every man,
And a bleedin' big bottle for the shantyman.

Oh whiskey is the life of man,
So drink up boys, now while you can.