South Australia

South Australia

Traditional - As sung by Captain Jesse Schaffer

In South Australia I was born,
Heave away, oh haul away!
South Australia 'round Cape Horn,
We're bound for South Australia.

Haul away you rollin' Kings,
Heave away, oh haul away!
Haul away you'll hear me sing,
We're bound for South Australia.

As I walked out one mornin' fair,
'Twas there I met Miss Nancy Blair.

I shook her up, I shook her down,
I shook her all around the town.

There's just one thing that grieves my mind,
To leave Miss Nancy Blair behind.

Oh when we wallop around Cape Horn,
You'll wish to God you'd never been born.

I wish I was in Australia's strand,
A glass of whisky in my hand.

Port Adelaide's a grand old town,
There's plenty of girls to go around.

South Australia's my native land,
Full of fleas, flies and sand.

When I first shipped out to sea,
My girl said she'd be true to me.

But when I next came back from sea,
A soldier had her on his knee.

A glass of rum in every hand,
And an extra bottle for the shantyman.