Navigation Worksheets

I made the following worksheets to make navigating small sailboats easier, safer, and more accurate. These pages can be printed, photo copied, and bound in books to be used on passages. Perhaps the easiest way to use them is to punch the blanks with a 3 hole punch, and store them in a folder. Keep the pages in use on a clipboard. As the pages get filled up, transfer them into a 3-ring binder. Then, during or after a passage, the completed log pages will be conveniently organized and easy to look through. It might be best to have the log book pages bound into a book. That way, the log book would be a more permanent, official record since pages can't later be added or removed.

I made these sheets for my own use. They are oriented towards traditional navigation, with sextant, compass, and deduced reckoning. Although I haven't had any problems with them, anyone who wishes to use them should assume the responsibility of making sure that they are complete and contain no mistakes.

Nautical Almanac Daily Pages

I hope to eventually provide a complete, free Nautical almanac. For now, here are the daily pages, which should be considered experimental. These daily pages should be adequate for practice purposes. Stars aren't included, but an old almanac can be used for stars with some loss of accuracy. My daily pages have an extra digit of precision, which can safely be rounded off if desired.

An old almanac can be used for increments and corrections, refraction, dip, and lunar altitude corrections with no loss of accuracy. An old almanac can also be used for sunrise and sunset, but not moonrise, moonset, or lunar phases.

Unlike the usual nautical almanac, my version needs the "v" correction to be applied to the sun for best accuracy.

Parallax corrections for Venus should not be taken from old almanacs. Instead, take HP for Venus from the bottom of the daily page and add HP*cos(Hs) to the sextant altitude.

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