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American-Style French Toast

250ml milk
30ml sugar (2 tablespoons)
8slices of stale bread
 clarified butter or vegetable oil
 maple syrup

Beat the eggs slightly in a shallow dish, then stir in the milk and sugar. Soak the bread in the batter one slice at a time until soft, then fry in preheated clarified butter or vegetable oil until golden brown. Serve topped with butter and warm maple syrup.


  • Fresh bread can be used if left out for 4-8 hours on a cooling rack to dry out a bit. Putting in a 100° C (220° F) oven will speed things up.
  • It's preferable to avoid the heels, and to use a bland bread that has relatively more crumb and less crust.
  • Use a non-stick pan and as little oil as possible to keep the French toast from being greasy.
  • Use only pure maple syrup.
  • This recipe differs from French pain perdu in that it is sweetened with maple syrup rather than from a larger quantity of sugar added to the batter.
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